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ஆசிர்வாத் மைக்ரோபைனான்ஸ் லிமிடெட்          Asirvad Micro Finance Limited          आशीर्वाद माइक्रोफिनॅन्स लिमिटेड         ആശിർവാദ് മൈക്രോഫിനാൻസ് ലിമിറ്റഡ്          ಆಶೀರ್ವಾದ್ ಮೈಕ್ರೋಫೈನಾನ್ಸ್ ಲಿಮಿಟೆಡ್          ਅਸਿਰਵਾਦ ਮਿਕਰੋਫਈਨਂਸੇ ਲਿਮਿਟੇਡ          ଆଶୀର୍ବାଦ ମଇକ୍ରୋଫାଇନାନ୍ସ ଲିଃ          আশির্বাদ মাইক্রো ফাইনান্স লিমিটেড

Our Customers

Name : Renu

Business: Bangle Maker

Location: Rajasthan

Name : Omkarna

Business: Vegetable Business

Location: Rajasthan

Name : Devi

Business: Handloom Weaver

Location: Kanchipuram

Name : Ramalakshmi

Business: Potter

Location: Nagerkoil

Name : Mahalakshmi

Business: Tailoring shop

Location: Kanchipuram

Name : Poonam

Business: Tailor

Location: Jaipur

“I took a loan amount of ₹30,000 from Asirvad and used it to start my tailoring business. Daily life going good. I’m planning to expand my business in future. So, I may go for another loan. I’m so thankful to Asirvad and their employees.”  

Name : Sushila

Business: Deity sculpting business

Location: Jaipur

“I started the Deity sculpting business with the help of Asirvad. My 1st loan was for ₹25,000, I could easily repay the EMI because of low interest rates. My 2nd loan was for ₹35,000 and 3rd loan was for ₹45,000. I wish to go for another loan to expand my business further. I thank Asirvad for the great support.”

Name : Maya

Business: Saree Shop

Location: Jaipur

“I got a loan of ₹25,000 for the 1st time and started a Saree shop in Pratap Nagar and my 2nd loan was ₹35,000 and 3rd time was ₹45,000. I kept expanding my business with the help of Asirvad. Through Asirvad my business had grown from a seed to a tree. I want to be associated with Asirvad always to develop my business.”

Name : Selvi

Business: Bricks making

Location: Nagerkoil

“I got the 1st loan from Asirvad in 2010. Recently I got ₹45,000. The fund has helped in brick making business. All my group members who has taken loan from Asirvad is self-employed. Further, I expect Asirvad to help us improve our business and livelihood.” 

Name : Deepa Rathore

Business: General Store

Location: Rajasthan

“My 1st loan was ₹25,000 and I own a General store. My 2nd loan was for ₹35,000. Due to Asirvad, I was able to improve my business. I really Thank Asirvad for the greatest support provided.”

Name : Uma Maheshwari

Business: Camphor making business

Location: Kanchipuram

“I came to know about Asirvad through my mother. My 1st loan was for Rs30,000. I invested in a small scale bangle business. Received my 2nd loan too with which I am doing a Camphor making business. Asirvad had helped me to a greater extent. They are helping a lot of women like me and we are thankful to Asirvad.”

Name : Gowsalya

Business: Appalam (Pappad) Making

Location: Kanchipuram

“There are 5 members in my family. I applied loan through Asirvad with the loan amount, I am making an Appalam business. I have been an Asirvad customer for the past seven years. I have received loan 4 times so far. There are eleven members in our group and all are working in the same field. I will always recommend Asirvad to anyone who needs loan. We are so happy with the help and service of Asirvad.”

Name : Anita Basak

Business: Packaging

Location: Alipurduar

“I received ₹ 25000 as my first loan from Asirvad and started a Snacks and Masala Packaging business of my own. I am very happy about how the small loan had changed my life. I have got my second loan already and planning to expand my small scale business”

Name : Kaleswari

Business: Flower vendor


“Being a single mother is really tough. I feel strong when I am able to make my own living. I dream of giving my children a life better than what I had.”

Name : Motchammal

Business: Small scale catering service

Location: Tuticorin

“I heard about Asirvad eight years ago by my neighbour. I heard positive reviews so I joined the group. I have received loans about 3 times with Asirvad and had always repaid without being a defaulter. My recent loan amount was ₹45,000 with which I bought lots of utensils that can cater to large functions and weddings. Because of Asirvad, I am able to run this catering service. The staffs of Asirvad are also very helpful in handling all our queries”