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Towards creating sustainable communities in our country, ASIRVAD DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION through its objectives aims at:
  • Promoting education, science, health, culture, art, peace, philosophy and friendship and for this purpose, to create, establish, build and expand, institutions, organizations, associations, and / or to assist persons and existing institutions, organizations and associations engaged in promotion of education, science, health, culture, art, peace, philosophy and friendship.

  • Promote the cause of education, arts, athletics, sports and games including by way of granting assistance to individuals, schools, colleges, institutions, societies, associations and universities and also to extend financial assistance to individuals, students for pursuing their education.

  • Grant assistance to any person to engage them to pursue their studies and training, health and any productive and useful purpose.

  • Institute endowments, awards, scholarships, and prizes to encourage studies, training and research in various fields.

  • Establish, expand or assist in establishing and developing centres of learning, dissemination of knowledge, libraries, laboratories, research in various fields.

  • Provide and promote medical aid and provide cleaning and sanitary facilities for achieving good health.

  • Organize feeding the poor during festivals and any other days at the place decided by the trustees either by preparing and distributing food items or by contributing monies for such purpose.

  • Encourage various forms of art and culture including literature, music, dance, sculpture etc. and for this purpose, to carry out various activities including those of printing, publishing and translation, distribution and sale of magazines, books, periodicals, booklets and valuable works in any language.

  • Organize and/or assist in organizing meeting, conferences, seminars, discussions, exhibitions, etc.

  • Teach foreign languages / Indian languages.

  • Honour and if need be to maintain men of excellence in the fields of literature, culture, philosophy, Indian heritage, music, fine arts, etc.

  • Provide food, clothing, and shelter with basic facilities and also to assist people in need.

  • Organize and/or institute endowment, lectures on education, economics, management, labour, engineering, science, culture, art, literature and on subjects of importance by eminent and competent persons.

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